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Bootcamp or Parallels for running Houdini+Redshift

Bootcamp or Parallels for running Houdini+Redshift  


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I'm not having much luck getting Houdini+Redhsift to run with my egpu on the mac side ( I can see the 1080 in my system report but each time I launch Houdini it crashes the machine), so I'm wondering if installing Windows on my mac pro is a better way to go. It sounds like running an GTX 1080 ti is a lot easier on windows.
So the next question is: Bootcamp or Parallels? The idea of having a virtual windows machine running at the same time as MacOS is great but I'm wondering how it manages memory hungry applications like Houdini. 
Anyone here using it? 

Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6
Mac pro 6,1
12 core
64Gb RAM
AMD Firepro D700 x2

I want to add a nvidia EGPU to use with Redshift on Houdini

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Unfortunately the firmware on the Mac Pro 6,1 prevents eGPU in Windows.

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