Buying the New Mac Mini (2018) + Vega FE ??
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Buying the New Mac Mini (2018) + Vega FE ??  


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Hi Guys,

So earlier today I post my build story here:

My Macbook Pro's Thunderbolt got fried because of a rebooting accident, now I am left with a eGPU enclosure and a Vega FE in it.

The New Mac Mini is released today, with 6 cores CPU and thunderbolt 3,

Should I give it a go? I know it works on Mac as Vega FE is supported, but AMD GPUs (Vega) is notorious bad with error 12 on Bootcamp. Given that Mac Mini does not have anything to disable, say iSight camera, does that mean that if I get Error 12, it's a bye bye without DSDT override? (I don't think I can even do a DSDT override on a Mac Mini)

Sounds like a risky purchase. Any suggestions 😛

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I'm also interested in using windows 10 with bootcamp, in theory it should have less problems.


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I had a massive struggle with error 12 which nothing fixed, until I tried the new efi bootloader. 

If anyone buying a new Mac mini wants to test Bootcamp and is London UK based I’d happily meet up with both amd and Nvidia cards to test, so long as you’re not odd, as there appears to be a decent amount of interest in the pairing but it’s a gamble...

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