Can I use Nvidia cards as a display dock only in macOS
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Can I use Nvidia cards as a display dock only in macOS  


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Hi, my situation is tricky

I currently have a MacBook Pro 18 15inch,

i want to buy an egpu set (probably razer x + 3080 when it’s out). I needs to use Nvidia as I’m using the card for Deep Learning mostly. I understand that Nvidia is working only on Bootcamp since I will update the macOS timely. It’s fine for me to change the boot options.


However, right now I do have 2 external displays connected to my mbp using a single USBc dock, with small issues when playing games on windows though. So I would like to connect them via the graphics card in the future. But since there’s no nvidia drivers for macOS, do I need to reconnect the cables to my dock again when I boot to macOS? Are there solutions that doesn’t require this cable changing?


I can expect people suggesting me using windows entirely. But using macOS for most daily use is very pleasant to me and I have countless files and softwares installed already. So that would be a not so great idea.


thanks for your creative ideas!


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Use a KVM switch to switch a display from the MacBook Pro to the Nvidia.

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