Can VR VIVE (on 2013 MacPro - GTX 1080Ti - High Sierra) surVIVE?
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Can VR VIVE (on 2013 MacPro - GTX 1080Ti - High Sierra) surVIVE?  


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Hi all! 
I'm new to this forum but I follow from some months this wonderful Community.
Thank You for sharing your experiences, Your site is a mining of useful informations, and I found many valuable tips here!

I love My Mac Pro trashcan purchased in 2013/14 immediately after his announcement by Apple.

IMG 4095 2
IMG 4094 2

My Mac pro configuration is:
High Sierra 10.13.5 - 64GB Ram - 1GB SSD OWC Aura - 2 Thunderbolt 4TB Raid external HD
one Apple Cinema 30” HD, two Cinema Display 20” and a Wacom Cintiq 24HDT.

Now, I have bought an eGPU box Razer Core X with a GTX 1080Ti (and a beautiful Htc VIVE!)…
Installation of the eGPU was fine enough. (Thanks to You!)
It works, and the system recognize it.

I don't work with Windows, so I haven't Bootcamp... OSX only.
I've done some Benchmark with High Sierra and 3 Monitors plugged to the GTX with DisplayPort / Mini DisplayPort adapters + (HDMI) VIVE - all attached to GTX 1080Ti

Unigine Valley and Heaven score is good, with 60FPS and 55FPS at 2560x1600 resolution in Ultra Quality (the internal FirePro 500 can't reach 10-15FPS).

After Effects can use the Nvidia power also, and Vray for SketchUp can make GPU rendering very fast.

On the VIVE front instead, I can't do anything working...  the perfomance was not very good.
No smooth viewing around was possible.
I have tried with very "low-intensive" applications (and the only available for Mac on Steam!) like Caliban Below or Blobby Tennis. No way on Unreal Engine ambients or Unity templates: very gerky and not usable.

Anyone have a working VIVE on same configuration like mine? Or have advice, or workarounds?

Thank you again! (and sorry if my english is far from perfect...)

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Awesome setup, congratulations! I love the Mac Pro too.
i prefer Radeon for many reasons, i’m preparing a modded Venus to house a Sapphire Radeon RX Vega 64 Nitro+

My setup

your problem can be metal related, Nvidia drivers are pretty bad. You get nice scores for OpenGL but it is a different story

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Hey there - I’m the creator of Caliban Below, and saw your post. One thing you could try is to select the application directly rather than launching from Steam. From there, hold down the option key while launching. From there you can select a different quality setting. One of the lower settings might work for you...? It’s a tricky situation though... I’m quite unaccustomed to the issues that might affect performance with such a rig. The gpu obviously is more than capable. Caliban runs well on far lower powered gpus on PC. Something is likely thrashing between cpu and gpu - but I speculate.
 You might also try disconnecting your other monitors while doing VR. Perhaps the connection is saturated? That may be the best bet, but I’m speculating again.

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.