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Correct eGPU eject procedure  


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Hi everyone

I followed a build guide, so it's a few months I have my 2015 MBP Mojave 10.14.4 successfully empowered by a sonnet 550 + 580
This setup powers two screens via DP:
-Dell UP2718Q 3840x2160 - main screen, scaled (middle)
-Dell U2412M 1920x1200 - secondary, unscaled

I fold the laptop and practically use it as a desktop, so the internal screen is off.
So far so good: performance is good, all my tasks are better, graphics move smoother and video editing is a ton faster, also ran some Unigine benchmarks and the benefits are clear.

In my experience the system can't really keep up with the full 4K res, not even scrolling webpages feels smooth, but I don't mind: it's too small for me anyway, so I scale it down a bit. Could be the setup, the thunderbolt 2, the RX580, or the combination. Luckily I don't really need it for now.

The point of my topic is I can't get the eGPU to gracefully disconnect. Ever.
I click "disconnect", the line goes gray (can't click on it anymore) but nothing at all happens.
If I leave it there for a few minutes (about 5 to 10, didn't really time it, but more then 5) and then unplug the thunderbolt, it still tells me it wasn't gracefully disconnected.
Sometimes it crashes the window manager, sometimes it kicks me back out to login, sometimes it just recovers. Haven't totally traced and debugged the behaviour.

So I'm taking to the forum to ask: is this working at all on non-TB3 Macs? How should I use it?

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Mid-2015 Macbook Pro Retina - Core i7 - iGPU Intel Iris Pro - eGPU AMD Radeon RX580 - Sonnet Breakaway 550 - Apple TB3 to TB2 adapter - Screen 1 Dell UP2718Q - Screen 2 Dell U2412M

2015 15" MacBook Pro [4th,4C,H] + RX 580 @16Gbps-TB2>TB3 (Sonnet Breakaway 550) + macOS 10.14.6 [build link]  

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Open the laptop lid before ejecting maybe?

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+ macOS 10.15+Win10 + Linux Mint 19.1

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