Disconnect eGPU without app relaunch or turn off fan?
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Disconnect eGPU without app relaunch or turn off fan?  


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So yesterday I got my very first eGPU to use with my Mac mini 2018 (Blackmagic 580 Pro) and it works just as expected with my 34WK95U which is hooked up to the second TB3 port. However, there is one issue. I leave my Mac mini on 24/7 since I have some background scripts running on it and I use it for remote access when needed. I don't really mind leaving the eGPU on during the day since it's very quiet but it's loud enough to annoy me at night.

Naturally I wandered off to see what I could do and indeed I found a promising thread on this very forum. Unfortunately I learned that way that macOS attempts to relaunch all apps which frankly just ends up in a huge mess of error messages, orphan windows and messed up spaces. Not acceptable at all. Which brings me to my two questions:

a) Is there a way to disconnect the eGPU without relaunching all apps? I encountered a system warning that told me app X is still running on the eGPU and it would be advisable to restart it but it can't do that right now. It offered me a force disconnect button. Any way to trigger that on purpose or ideally, via command line?

b) Is it possible to just turn off the fan of the Blackmagic? I couldn't find any info regarding this at all. It just sits there, it's a modern GPU architecture, it shouldn't need active cooling in idle. I actually think that would be preferable as it seems the eGPU fan is still active even after disconnect since my display is hooked up that way.

Bonus c) Can I drive my display with the eGPU without directly connecting it somehow? I tried by just plugging both in, but it ended up in the usual stutter when swiping to spaces etc demonstrating the vast incapability of the iGPU.

Thank you for your input!

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.