Does anyone wanna consult me for $100?
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[Solved] Does anyone wanna consult me for $100?  


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I want to setup an EGPU with my 2018 Mac mini so I can play pub g on bootcamp but I do not have the patience to work through the how to guides that are on here and I am not very computer literate. 

Is anyone interested in guiding me through the setup process via FaceTime or Skype Video for $100?



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@elude I'd recommend finding the exact configuration you have from one of our 23 builds for the 2018 Mac mini + Windows. Using an eGPU in Boot Camp is not a set-it-and-forget-it process so it's best to learn how things work in case something goes wrong following a system update.

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@elude I'm happy to consult for $100.

As a consultant, my advice is to read build guides for your set up so you understand how to set up your own eGPU as there will be a time when you need to draw on that knowledge and experience again as eGPU's are never plug and forget.

My PayPal is: [email protected]


P.S. I am not very computer literate but mange it, so I have faith in your ability that you are yet to unlock.

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