Does it matter which TB3 I use on a 2019 Macbook Pro 16"?
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Does it matter which TB3 I use on a 2019 Macbook Pro 16"?  


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I just found out not all TB3 ports on the 2019 Macbook pro 16" are equal. I hooked up a gigabit ethernet to the front right side port on my macbook and only got 60mb download vs 800mb download on the back left port.

I currently have a razer core x hooked up to the back right TB3 port. Is this okay or should it be hooked up to a different TB3 port? 

I was unable to find out how many PCIE lanes each port has on Apple's website so i really have no idea. I wonder why Apple makes it so difficult to figure this out.

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The 2019 MBP 16" has two TB3 controllers, each managing two ports on either side.

It's best not to share the TB3 controller where your eGPU is plugged into with any other accessories. Otherwise you may experience stutter or degraded performance.

I hook up my dock (KB+M, speakers, SSDs, display) to the back right port. When I want to game I boot into Windows, plug in my eGPU to the back right port and switch display inputs to the eGPU.

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@jav, Can we get a bit more info on this?  I have a very odd use-case but do want to maximize the use of eGPUs for now. 

I have a total of 31 or so usb devices i keep hooked up via a combo of apple multimedia adapter (version 2) has more bandwidth but looks the same.. Thanks apple!!!  - and the rest are spread across the TB3+ dock from caldigit.  

I also have the 16 inch.

Would love to see a diagram or something.. 



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