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DRM broken when using eGPU  


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Hi, today i discovered that it seems DRM is broken when connected to eGPU.

My setup is MBP16", Razer Core X chroma, RX5700XT

When connected to eGPU and external display, netflix doesn't work on safari, but works on chrome. Apple TV+ doesn't work. 

When connected to external display without eGPU, everything works. When not connected to anything, everything works on the internal display. 

Does anyone here faces the same issue?

2019 16" MacBook Pro (RP5500M) [9th,8C,H] + RX 5700 XT @ 32Gbps-TB3 (Razer Core X Chroma) + macOS 10.15.5 & Win10 1903 [build link]