eGPU isn't used 100% - why?  


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I switched from a 2015 Macbook Pro (15'') to a 2018 Mac Mini. Difference: MacOS 10.14.5 and MacOS 10.15 (currently 10.15.3).

The Asus XG Station with a Asus Vega 56 is connected to the Mac Mini (no other device is connected to the same pair of lanes).

I use Capture One and need the eGPU especially during exporting the pictures. With the Macbook Pro (I didn't upgrade it to 10.15, because I sold it) I got 100% eGPU Usage, with the Mac Mini approx. max 60%.

Do you know why the usage isn't 100%? eGPU setup and Capture One Software is exactly the same. I tried using the HDMI connection and directly from the eGPU, it doesn't make a difference. Whats pretty weird: my HP 830 G5 (1 x Thunderbolt with 2 Lanes) is rendering the pictures (with the eGPU hocked up) in the same time (much weaker CPU, less RAM). 

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I would refer to capture one page for troubleshooting

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