eGPU Issues that do not have any solution.
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eGPU Issues that do not have any solution.  


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After several months working with two Macbooks (13-inch 2015, 15-inch 2018), both MacOSX and Windows, several cards AMD and nVidia I came to these issues without any working solution.

1) 15-inch MBP 2018:
AMD dGPU and Intel iGPU creating havoc on internal display each time you use an eGPU. (One and only exception are AMD eGPUs under MacOSX)

2) 13-inch MBP 2015:
MacBook just won't boot with an nVidia eGPU plugged in.

There are some workaround and hacks, but each brings up new problems, e.g for Problem 1):
- You can switch on iGPU for bootcamp with efi-bootloader, but once you install Intel-Driver the internal display gets white dots and freezes- This is hardware related. I tried a clean windows installation without bootcamp drivers: no success.
- It's just not possible to use the internal display in Windows with the dGPU when a AMD eGPU is attached. It's just not. You can use it with the Microsoft Basic Display Driver or use an second external monitor, but this is not practical.
- Under MacOSX with an nVidia Card the internal display goes black and almost freezes system unless you switch it off with "pmset -a gpuswitch 0". But this leads to other unwanted effects.
- Unless you use the "Microsoft Basic Display Driver" in Windows, you must hotplug your eGPU if you want to see anything on the internal display. You got the wrong timing, you get nothing.
- The timing is critical with problem 2): As you cannot boot with the eGPU attached at all, you have to hot-plug it it to get it running. Often you need several tries.

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