egpu makes trouble with audio card
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egpu makes trouble with audio card  


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Hi everyone,
problem is both on macOS and windows, I have my Akitio Node with GTX 1070ti connected via tb3-2 to my mbpro 15" mid 2015, and noticed when playing back videos, games or even pictures sometimes, both my external speakers (KRK5) connected via minijack to my mbp start going crazy, I can still hear what's playing but it distorts like hell, if I'm moving the mouse or closing / opening app or whatever.
Never found anyone on this forum with the same problem, but I read an answer somewhere else about the minijack port being too close to the tb2 port and that may cause interferences. I have tried with adapters, nothing worked, speakers are fine as I tested them with my smartphone. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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I got the same issue with external DAC - Focusrite 2i2. Tried many tricks but none worked. The issue for me is noise and sound drop when making eGPU respond to anything, even when moving my mouse. Have you resolved it?

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