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eGPU more effective under bootcamp then on MacOS 10.14.1

eGPU more effective under bootcamp then on MacOS 10.14.1  


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Hey, I am really getting confused more and more.

I am running Macbook pro 15" 2016 16GB RAM 512GB SSD 4gb Radeon pro 460 with Razer core X egpu enclosure and Radeon 580 8GB and 27" external monitor.

After testing all possible setups (mirrored images, 2 monitor setup, only external monitor etc.) I found out best is to run 2 monitors since with mirrored monitors, signal either came from R460 or traveled from R580 to dedicated display and then back to R580 and then to external display. (is that possible?) I could live with that.
But I was not really happy with the results. Yes, it was better then without gfx, but my favourite Rust game was still around 25 fps on medium details..... not that good. I though that maybe Rust optimalisation on macos is worse than on windows (which it probably really is)...

so i did bootcamp and I managed to run egpu on bootcamp with EFI bootable and allowing resources to use egpu with turning off dedicated graphics. Then I tried Rust and voila,  35-40fps on max details and resolution... So I run Valley benchmark and I actually got 52.1fps and 2178 points on Win (Extreme HD) to just  36.6 fps and 1532 points on MacOS.......

considering egpu does not officially even work on bootcamp i was really shocked.... Any idea why its so slow on MacOS???

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Like you said, Rust and other games in general are not usually well optimized in macOS. In my Linux build (link in my signature) I compared gaming performance in Windows vs macOS vs Linux and saw a dramatic decrease ~30% average in games like CS:GO or Bioshock Infinite which use DirectX in windows vs OpenGL on mac. On the other hand, a game like Hitman (2016) that uses Metal in macOS performs as well or better than in Windows.

Try running the valley benchmark at the same settings using the OpenGL renderer in both windows and macOS. In my experience those scores should be similar. If they aren't then you might have a problem. If not, then your problem is just macOS.  🙂

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