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EGPU not supporting properly  


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I'm using an iMac Pro. Its more than 2 years I'm using this. Also there is an EGPU. (AMD Radeon Pro WX9100 - Sonnet 650 enclosure). From day one I've been facing some issues while using this EGPU. The main problem I faced is while I start the machine every morning, the system won't boot. Whenever I faced this issue I'll have to force shut down this computer to start it again. I always have to try restarting few times for the system to boot. Also when I checked using Davinci Resolve / Final Cut Pro X, I see no difference in rendering time / exporting time. For a couple of months I didn't use this EGPU to check whether its the problem with the EGPU. The computer was perfect and show no errors. Again I used the EGPU and few weeks after that my machine stopped working and Apple service centre informed me, the logic board needs to be replaced. In this time I checked this EGPU with a MacBook Pro I'm using. (i7 : 16GB : 4GB). It was working perfect. It showed no errors neither while I restart / while using. This graphics card and the breakout box are the best suggested by Apple and I've invested a lot in this. But because of this problem I stopped using this. Few days back I checked this EGPU with my MacBook Pro. I installed few plugins of FX factory. While this EGPU is connected, none of the FX factory plugins worked. While I removed the EGPU, every plugins worked perfectly fine. Any of you guys have any idea, what's the issue with this EGPU? What could be the reason this EGPU is not at all supporting to one of the best in the series "pro" machines of Apple? Is there anyway to sort this out?


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