eGPU patchers deleted my MacBook Pro’s Serial Number?
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eGPU patchers deleted my MacBook Pro’s Serial Number?  


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I’ve been trying to get my MacBook Pro to work with an eGPU for like a week now, and I’ve come to a conclusion it’s not going to work currently. But I have this issue now even after uninstalling purge-wrangler and other patches:

1. System Profiler reports Serial Number as ”Not available”

2. If I have csrutil enabled, my Mac refuses to boot to the main macOS install which I’ve used to do these patches on (Big Sur). And what I mean by refusing to boot, is that the loading bar below the Apple logo gets about half way until the Mac restarts due to a kernel panic (as it shows the kernel panic screen). It’ll do that restarting thing (aka bootloop) until I disable csrutil and then it boots like normal.

The tools I used to try and get my eGPU working were purge-wrangler, purge-nvda and automate-eGPU. First thing I want to figure out is which tool could have caused the loss of the serial number so I can prevent my other MacBooks from something like this. Second, I would like to get a hand on fixing those two issues I listed above.

Thanks all and have a great weekend

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