GT650M/GT750M MBP + Nvidia eGPU + 378. (not 387.xx) = eGPU accele...
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GT650M/GT750M MBP + Nvidia eGPU + 378. (not 387.xx) = eGPU accelerated macOS apps (OpenGL, Metal)  

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Hello everyone and thank you for your work! I really want to install the old driver, but I do not understand how to complete these three steps. At the moment, the main script with the new driver is already installed. Do I need to delete it? I do not understand how to do this. If I just write in the terminal --install --nvidiaDriver 378., I get an answer: «A system file (wrangler), has been replaced and does not fit to the system. You must revert those changes in order to continue. You can also upgrade to the latest supported release or reinstall macOS.


   cleaning system                                                        [done]

The script has failed.

Nothing has been changed.»

I apologize for the possibly stupid question, but I can’t figure it out myself .. I really hope for your help.

My setup MacBook 2014 (with dGPU), Akitio thunder 2, Nvidia GeForce GTX970

Macbook mgxc2 (2014 with 750m), akitio thunder2, GTX 970 by NVidia, Corsair VS550 PSU, External monitor Benq 3201 4k

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