Hello, Me again and TI82 enclosure issues again

Hello, Me again and TI82 enclosure issues again  


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First, thank u guys who helped me with my rmbp and core v1, they still works well today

Here comes the new problems
i use an iMac pro in my office
today I tried to connect my core v1 to iMac pro and it doesn’t work
maybe anything I missed?

what i’ve done:
-install Nvidia webdriver
-disable sip
-replace the IOThunderboltFamily.kext I used on my rmbp(using kext ultility)
-install the nvdaegpuenabler
-reboot and connect the enclosure
it shows core -unsupported in system reports

i also tried to rebuild a kext by ihex
but nothing changes

is iMac pro has the different code to replace or anything else?
I'm confused

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