Help! Attempting to setup egpu with late 2013 macbook pro and RX560
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Help! Attempting to setup egpu with late 2013 macbook pro and RX560  


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late 2013 macbook pro 15"

Akitio Thunder2 with upgraded PSU 130W

MSI Aero RX560

So after running purge-wrangler and purge-nvda scripts I've successfully gotten the macbook to recognize the card and disabled the integrated nvidia graphics however every time I goto run any game or application the rx560 never attempts to ramp up on gpu usage. GPU dock  lights up, fans spin as soon as plugged in, mac os recognizes the card, and it shows up in activity monitor however it never ramps up in any application and the activity monitor never shows its usage go up. One thing of note is that I couldn't get the GPU to be recognized without enabling legacy driver support in purge-wrangler. I also tried running running set-egpu script as of most recent with no success. Im trying all of this on the internal macbook monitor as well not sure if that matters. Any help would be greatly appreciated. below are a couple screenshots.

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If you’re going to use only the internal monitor at all times, you don’t need purge-nvda. Upgrade to macOS Mojave for a better experience. You can set GPU preferences in macOS from Mojave onwards manually. Just look it up on Google.

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