Help Needed -Akitio Node + MacBook Pro
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Help Needed -Akitio Node + MacBook Pro  


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I bought Akitio Node quite a while ago and I am very new to this stuff. I inserted a Nvidia GeForce GT1030 into the Node and connected it to my late 2015 MacBook Pro via a TB3 to 2 cable. As I don't have an external monitor I planned to use the internal monitor on my Windows 10 Bootcamp. The screen is pitch black if I boot my Mac with the eGPU on so I first booted into MacOS and ran the script automate-eGPU thing no problem. I then restarted my Mac realising I still can't boot with eGPU on. So I unplugged the cables and rebooted into Windows this time. When I plug in the cable, I can see the GPU listed in the Device Manager with a little exclaimation mark beside it. I then went onto Nvidia GeForce webpage and downloaded the corresponding driver, installed it and restarted. Just as I thought it is going to work, the windows crash after I rebooted into windows and plugged in the cable. Now everytime I boot into windows and pluggin the TB3 cable, the window crashes immediately, saying there is an error and restarted automatically. I tried to uninstall all the Nvidia drivers and it stopped it from crashing. 

Can someone please give me some ideas?

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Try these steps in Nando's guide on delayed hot-plugging to see if you can get it to work. You can also try Goalque's instructions on keeping iGPU activated in Bootcamp.

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