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Help needed - iMac Pro - GTX1070  


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Hi! I would really appreciate if anybody could help me.
So, I have iMac Pro, downgraded to High Sierra. 
I’m using GTX 1070 egpu for rendering in Octane.
First I went through sll the stages here 
but as egpu took my internal monitor over on restart (or turned it off) after login, I took also these steps  because I thought that if I set egpu preference to some certain application, then maybe it will not turn off imacs internal monitor
I unplugged egpu, restarted imac pro and plugged egpu to computer after I was logged in - Cinema 4D and Octane were working fine. So it seems that I have to unplug it always after shutting my computer down, because when I start my computer with egpu plugged in, it takes over (or turns of my internal display off).
Is there a way to fix it so that I would not have to plug and unplug egpu all the time?

iMac Pro 2018 2xGeGorce GTX1070

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what steps did you take to install? write them out... if you did not use any scripts then that is where you should begin. add your equipment and setup to your signature for better forum help.

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Hey… I have an iMac Pro but I used the macOS-egpu script… Basically, I can't start the Mac with the egpu switched on, it won't start up. But the egpu can be plugged in to the T3 plug, just not switched on. I can't enter sleep mode with the egpu switched on as it will also crash the Mac.

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.