[Help/Advice Appreciated] late-2014 15" rMBP(dGPU:750m) + gtx980@16Gbps-TB3>TB2(...
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[Help/Advice Appreciated] late-2014 15" rMBP(dGPU:750m) + gtx980@16Gbps-TB3>TB2(A) (AKiTiO Node) for macOS+Win10  


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Hello! I'm attempting a feat of putting together mentioned in title abomination (mbp11,3 - nvidia dG + eG).

As I do not see many success stories with this particular model, it's hard to choose the right approach. Should I get the system going on EFI/UEFI boot, go for GPT/MBR Hybrid, or somehow force macOS to install on MBR? Should I use rEFIt only? DIYeGPU only? Both? 

Over the course of my experiments, i managed to get system to work with gtx680, both on Windows and macOS using only goalque's script. (and some unexplained in/reinstalls of TB drivers, as well as straight up disabling dG in Device Manager). Just to make sure that gtx980 works, I plugged it into 11'Air in macOS, with minimum setup.

However, after swapping gpu's both setups went haywire, and since I need my laptop to work, i promptly restored it to 'vanilla' state (macos+uefi bootcamp). Failing to achieve any results on my second attempt with GPT/MBR (+Nando's_diy +apple_set_os), I'm now on my second restore, since my partition map turned into spaghetti.

During GPT/MBR (+diy+apple_set_os), I was able to bring iGPU online, but any attempt to 'save' changes or to do anything meaningful ends up in freeze and fan-spin. (Same as any attempt to boot with cold or hot-plugged tb2).

Help me good people of eGPUio. You're my only hope.

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.