How do I shut down my EGPU properly?
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How do I shut down my EGPU properly?  


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Completely new. Running on a 2015 macbook pro Catalina 10.15.6 and Razer Core X. Works great except I have no idea how to shut it down properly. Do other people just turn off the power switch and pull out the thunderbolt cable? Seems brutish and unnatural. 


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Good question. My preferred way of doing it is to reboot the mini to be honest. Lessens hick-ups when switching it "live", and it's quick enough. So I just hit "Shut down" in the OS, wait until the eGPU goes quiet to hit the breaker on it, and then boot the Mac again.

I'm relatively sure there is little chance of damaging components if you disconnect the eGPU in the OS and then turn the Core X off. Even if the PSU fan still running inside of it. It SHOULD just be waiting for a signal on the Thunderbolt cable and have the GPU off. Not much that you can corrupt hardware wise in that state I imagine.

I am no expert however.

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