How To: eGPU-Accelerated Internal Display in macOS
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How To: eGPU-Accelerated Internal Display in macOS  

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@mac_editor, @ricc thanks! I see that purge wrangler links to when it talks about internal screen acceleration. Since I had the ghost plug I just used that, but it sounds like this is a better solution.

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I don't understand
when I drag the white bar to the eGPU display, my iMac monitor changed to eGPU display.
How can you turn the eGPU display to primary while the iMac internal monitor still displaying dGPU?

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Used this code on a 2015 iMac and a sonnet encloser with rx  580 works flawlessly

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I don't have space in my desk for both of my monitors and I don't wanna waste the iMac's internal screen. It seems that the EGPU only outputs to the monitor and the internal monitor is handled by the internal gpu.  if I try to disable the internal gpu, it defaults to the microsoft basic display adapter instead of the egpu. I really want to use the EGPU without the need of an external monitor no matter the performace

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@b0v1r_the_guy_who_has_a_broken_keyboard, You'd need a functional dGPU in order to use eGPU loopback mode with the iMac. Download and install the modified drivers from so that both the Radeon dGPU and eGPU can work with one set of drivers.


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