iMac 2019 27” + Mantiz Saturn Pro M03 v2 + nVidia 3090
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iMac 2019 27” + Mantiz Saturn Pro M03 v2 + nVidia 3090  


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Hi Guys,

I’m Italian... so... I’m sorry for my English mistakes !!!

Finally, after studying and studying different egpu configurations,

I’ve mine and Super config.

no installation troubleshooting mistake or problems but only hot plug

during Windoz startup.

asap photo and spec

thank a lot for your wonderful work on


Ps. Now I’m install a new VR Hp Reverb G2

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iMac 27” 2019-i9-9900k-40gb-Vega48-NVMe 1tb
2 Tekq Rapide TB3 NVMe 1tb - Mantiz Saturn Pro MZ03 v2-PNY XLR8 3090 - Apple Led 27” Cinema Mini DisplayPort

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Thank you for your post. Please complete the build template if you'd like to appear in the builds area.

eGPU Setup 1.35    •    eGPU Port Bandwidth Reference Table

2015 15" Dell Precision 7510 (Q M1000M) [6th,4C,H] + GTX 1080 Ti @32Gbps-M.2 (ADT-Link R43SG) + Win10 1803 // compares M.2 vs TB3 performance inc unoptimized H-CPU BIOS [build link]