iMac 5k eGPU, External Monitor Black Screen
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iMac 5k eGPU, External Monitor Black Screen  


Cameron Vahe
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Hey guys, I've been researching this for days and couldn't find an answer and I'm beginning to think my hardware is just not compatible. 


I have a 2015 iMac 5k with a Razer Core X plugged in via TB2->3 Adapter with a 1080 installed. 


I'm on high Sierra 10.13.6, and used this script to install the Web Drivers


I then used purge wrangler to manually install Ti82 support (which I believe is the controller of the Core X) and Nvidia. It patches, reboots and I hot plug the Core X on the login screen. I have a 27" LED Cinema Display plugged in via DisplayPort to mini to the GTX 1080, and the screens flash for a sec and my iMac internal display comes up. The Cinema Display gets a signal but it's just black. System report perfectly sees the 1080, the Core X and the External monitor. 


If I log back out and in, suddenly the Cinema Display comes up perfectly, and my internal iMac monitor is black, but if I mirror the screens I can SEE THE MOUSE CURSOR MOVING! Wtf hahaha.


I tried following this guide since my hardware is nearly identical, but when I use the Rastafabi GPU enabler package and install it to my Macintosh HD, I can't boot at all (computer has run into a problem), and it boot loops whether the GPU is plugged in or not. When that happens I have to reinstall High Sierra.


This is the guide:

this is the GPU enabler script that the guide says to use


Any advice? I really want to get both displays working (iMac internal 5k and eGPU driven Cinema Display).


Thanks!!! Smile


this is what I see when the displays are mirrored after logging out and back in (which makes the Cinema Display work instead of the internal one), excuse the TERRIBLE panorama shot. Notice the mouse on the internal display which is in the same location as the Cinema Display (since its mirrored)


also picture are the system report and display screens

sys report



This is exactly my problem, but Im not using the automate EFI thing because it's known to break the 5k iMac. Any ideas?

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