IMAC Redshift (c4d) rendering cause system shutdown

IMAC Redshift (c4d) rendering cause system shutdown  


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Hello guys,

my set up is as my signature. The set up works really well until recently I did a project by c4d/redshift. Not really a heavy scene in c4d and rendering out by redshift. It always crash on the first frame rendering (same specific bucket).
last time I had system shut down is due to the lack of power for egpu. I changed PSU to sf750w and everything worked fine until now.
I also update the redshift version. It didn’t fix the problem.

I am thinking to redo the set up by updating my system to 13.3.6.

anyone got the same issue or experience can share? 


2017 iMac 5k
2x gtx 1080ti
2x akitio node pro
Os 10.13.3