Issue when eGPU is connected to external monitor
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[Solved] Issue when eGPU is connected to external monitor  


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So my setup is 2017 rMBP 15 running 10.15.6 (i7 4 core).

I'm using a Radeon VII in a Razer Core X.

The rmbp is connected:

Left side: LG 5K monitor, Live Gamer Bolt (4K HDMI duplicator)

Right side: Razer Core X (Radeon VII) connected to Asus XG35VQ

System is in clamshell.

When the eGPU is only working as support (as in, not connected to the XG35VQ), everything works fine. Some apps that I marked to run off the eGPU, works fine and connect and pull GPU power from it.

But when I connect the eGPU to an external monitor, then things start to get more messy.

The system feels stuttering, with small freezes every few seconds.


Anyone had a similar issue? Is this the system just not being able to keep up with everything, or is there another underline problem?

I don't see any excessive CPU usage. Maybe it is the combination of eGPU supporting apps running on the LG plus also working with the asus monitor?


I switched to use the HDMI 1.4 instead of HDMI 2.0.

I will not get HDR nor 100hz that the monitor is capable of when using HDMI, but it stopped stuttering so far.

I can't use DP because that is reserved to my windows based PC which also uses its only HDMI for the mirror.

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