Issues sleeping with Mantiz Venus and Vega 56  


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October 20, 2018 12:47 pm  

I always had issues with the Mac sleeping while connected to a Mantiz Venus with a PowerColor Vega 56. This happened on my MacBook Pro 15" 2016, and it is still happening on my new MBP 15" 2018.

If I leave my Mac and it goes to sleep, there's a good chance it'll crash and when I return to the com it will do a full reboot and login with a crash error report - the error is always related to "CPU CATERR".

I set the Mac to not sleep, everything is fine. Have tried pmset standby 0 and still crashes.

I'm thinking of trying out new hardware, either a Razer Core X, or an RX 580, to help solve this annoying issue which has caused me to lose work a few times earlier (now I know better than to set it to sleep).

Does anybody else faces the same issue or have any clue as to what I can do to fix it? Or which hardware I should change? It's getting to be real annoying. Might just go back to the Caldigit TS3 Plus dock and lose the egpu benefits.

Soon I will add my system & eGPU details or a build link to this my signature to give context to my posts