Just browsing the internet will have close to 90% usage of egpu.
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Just browsing the internet will have close to 90% usage of egpu.  


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I'm using an iMac Pro base with a 4k monitor connected via eGPU.

The eGPU box is the Akitioo Node, and the GPU is the RX480 4GB.

Lately, even without it, noisy eGPU boxes have become louder,

I watch YouTube from the extended monitor connected to the eGPU, use the power of about 120 watts GPU usage. Even  scroll through the screen in a web browser, about 90% GPU use

(I also benchmarked, but the speed is normal.)

I've been connected to a MacBook Pro 2018 that I'm living with, the same phenomenon.

I have also changed the Thunderbolt cable, but there is no change.

So far the conclusion is

1. iMac Pro is a bit strange = x: MacBook Pro 2018 is in the same situation

2. Thunderbolt3 cable is a strange third party = x: I bought a new genuine by apple.

3.GPU tastes gone = Possible

4. eGPU box tastes gone = possible

5. Is this the Mac OS 10.14 series? Maybe not

I will ask you a question and ask at the same time.

1. In this case, do you suspect the GPU? Or should I suspect an eGPU box?

2, In this case, I can not search  cases yet. It is possible that this is a general problem of MacOS, and I will send a test request to those who use eGPU.
Just watch the YouTube 1080p on the monitor connected to the eGPU, and check the GPU usage in 'Activity Monitor'.
Below Image Link

My 'activity Moniter this situation. -;
I just turned a regular YouTube on Chrome and it's not like 4k. -;


Thank you.

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.