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Today I was experiencing some issues with my mac getting really hot, I scoured the forums and couldn't find any solution posted.

The solution I found is called Mac Fan Control.

It has an extremely basic control that allows you to see the fans on your mac.

It has custom settings for each fan which includes, setting them manually to a set speed, or having a "Fan Curve" in which is starts ramping up after a certain temp and maxes out at a certain temp. These temps are based off of sensors in your mac of your choice, I personally chose CPU Core 2 & 3 for my self.


Here is a link:

I apologize if this is now allowed but I found this software very beneficial for me running an eGPU due to Mac's Built in Boot Camp Fan control not working particularly well.


Just a little note: I am in no way being paid by the company, or sponsoring them. This is all based off my own research. If you have your own software that you prefer let me know and I will gladly test it out and report back and add it to the list with it's features and my opinion of it versus Macs Fan Control.

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Thank you for sharing your experience and insight. I've used this fan control utility before in iMacs (after SSD upgrade). As you mentioned, it gives us full control in how we want the fans to operate.

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