Kryptonite: TB1/2 Mac eGPU Support with FileVault, SIP, and ART Enabled
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Kryptonite: TB1/2 Mac eGPU Support with FileVault, SIP, and ART Enabled  

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Hey there!

I am using Kryptonite for a while now, and while it works great, my Macbook crashes when going into hibernation mode. Almost every time. Do you think this might be sth. related to Kryptonite? Did I sth. wrong?

Thanks for the great work!

Apple Crash Report

panic(cpu 2 caller 0xffffff80157d4e77): "AMDFramebufferVIB::setPowerState(0xffffff9362743800 : 0xffffff7faff47c1c, 0 -> 1) timed out after 45687 ms"@/System/Volumes/Data/SWE/macOS/BuildRoots/e90674e518/Library/Caches/
Backtrace (CPU 2), Frame : Return Address
0xffffffb0e8843ac0 : 0xffffff801508e0dd
0xffffffb0e8843b10 : 0xffffff80151d4f33
0xffffffb0e8843b50 : 0xffffff80151c552a
0xffffffb0e8843ba0 : 0xffffff8015032a2f
0xffffffb0e8843bc0 : 0xffffff801508d8fd
0xffffffb0e8843ce0 : 0xffffff801508dbf3
0xffffffb0e8843d50 : 0xffffff801589d81a
0xffffffb0e8843dc0 : 0xffffff80157d4e77
0xffffffb0e8843e10 : 0xffffff80157d4799
0xffffffb0e8843e20 : 0xffffff80157ed8de
0xffffffb0e8843e60 : 0xffffff80157d3518
0xffffffb0e8843e80 : 0xffffff80150d46c5
0xffffffb0e8843ef0 : 0xffffff80150d5634
0xffffffb0e8843fa0 : 0xffffff801503213e

Process name corresponding to current thread: kernel_task
Boot args: -lilubeta -krybeta krygpu=AMD krytbtv=2

Mac OS version:

Kernel version:
Darwin Kernel Version 20.5.0: Sat May  8 05:10:33 PDT 2021; root:xnu-7195.121.3~9/RELEASE_X86_64
Kernel UUID: 52A1E876-863E-38E3-AC80-09BBAB13B752
KernelCache slide: 0x0000000014e00000
KernelCache base:  0xffffff8015000000
Kernel slide:      0x0000000014e10000
Kernel text base:  0xffffff8015010000
__HIB  text base: 0xffffff8014f00000
System model name: MacBookPro11,4 (Mac-06F11FD93F0323C5)
System shutdown begun: NO
Panic diags file available: YES (0x0)
Hibernation exit count: 2

System uptime in nanoseconds: 79448642868276
Last Sleep:           absolute           base_tsc          base_nano
  Uptime  : 0x000048421422e532
  Sleep   : 0x000048372ba72803 0x0000000062136d42 0x00004833b93e4d9f
  Wake    : 0x000048373975b95a 0x0000000062f3b30e 0x00004837317fe43c
last started kext at 4727875775167: @kext.AMDFramebuffer    4.0.5 (addr 0xffffff7f95dff000, size 167936)
last stopped kext at 4689842135721: com.rugarciap.DisableTurboBoost    0.0.1 (addr 0xffffff7fb1a6e000, size 4096)

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How do I inject DSDT overrides for bootcamp?

Sorry if this seems like a silly question-  Thank you

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@germay, You can take a look at my 2015 iMac 21-in + R9 Fury X build guide to configure the DSDT override for Boot Camp.


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@elluko, use the latest version of Kryptonite (re-setup your disk using the instructions on the github page).


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@joevt, Hello, Thanks for your information, but it seems too complicated for my skills.


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@itsage, Thank you @itsage.   I am using the latest build of Kryptonite.   Created the config file.   Used the DSDT file from here.  Is there a procedure to turn on the egpu  in windows?   On Mac OS you have to turn the egpu on then log out.   I am getting a black screen booting into windows after the logo and the circle of dots.  Thank you.


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I immediately notice after 11.5 update that the sleep is now an issue with eGPU on. When I wake up the laptop I see eGPU disconnected improperly message. @mac_editor Do you think I have to rerun the kryptonite install?


UPDATE: After 11.5.1 and Kryptonite reinstall all is back to normal. Not sure what fixed what but I suspect the OS was at fault.

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Hi there,

I'm in the process of attempting to setup a Razer Core X on my 2013 Mac Pro using kryptonite, and thus far have been able to get everything working (including the OpenCore workaround that enables automatic booting) with the exception of the fact that restarting causes my monitor to go black.  The only solution to this that I've found up until now is to restart again with my monitor connected to the iGPU so that I can then reconnect to the Core X, which then reenables everything.

Any thoughts as to how this issue might be resolved would be appreciated.  🙂




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