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I have a Macbook 15 inch 2019 model 16GB Ram, Radeon Pro 555X 4 GB GPU 

My gaming pc broke down on me and have been using this to play games. I'm not used to the screen size and prefer playing on my bigger monitor. But I have issues running games on external monitors. Some reason the games don't perform well and get bad fps. I also don't like that my MacBook overheats a lot when playing games. I was looking into eGPUs to maybe solve my issue with my monitor not working and the overheating.

So I was wondering If it's worth getting an eGPU for my MacBook and if so any recommendations on the best card?  I also want to video editing in the future so I think that's also a good reason to get one. 

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.


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@thisifreedom, Using an eGPU to drive an external monitor is the best route for your needs. The dGPU will be less taxed so laptop will run cooler and quieter. Besides having a larger screen to your liking, the eGPU performs most efficiently through an external monitor. Buying a graphics card atm is a mess though. RX 5700 XT is really the only high performance choice for Mac users until Apple provides drivers for RX 6000 series.


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