Low Performance with MacbookPro + Akitio Node Pro + RX590
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Low Performance with MacbookPro + Akitio Node Pro + RX590  


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Three months ago I bought a MacBook Pro (i7-9750H), an Akitio Node Pro and a RX590. Since I upgraded to Catalina (I guess, since I didn't have it this issue before) I've had far worse performance regarding fps in games. I run a MacBook+4 Monitor setup usually but even with only one I get the same low performance (The same as my integrated 555x!) but I'm sure it's using the egpu as it even says it ingame. See this benchmark I ran yesterday for comparison:

Any idea why I might have this issue? Thanks in advance Smile

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You're playing on a display connected to the eGPU? What display? Connection type?

Check the Thunderbolt link speed in System Information.app?

Show result from previous OS?

Clean install Catalina?

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