Mac mini late 2012 + Sonnet Breakaway 550 + GTX 770 + Bootcamp working! 2nd Moni...
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Mac mini late 2012 + Sonnet Breakaway 550 + GTX 770 + Bootcamp working! 2nd Monitor and Optimus not. Why?  


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Hey everybody,

At first I wan't to give a huge shoutout to this awesome community and all of the really, really great ressources here!


I started as a freshman on the topic a few weaks ago and began to read my eyes bloody, as I found my old Mac mini and my also unused GTX lying around are just meant for each other! Grin So with the great build examples I bought a used Sonnet, some (comparativly very expansive!) cables and put everything together to find out, that all of the little details were thought of and (mostly) completely fixed by you folks years ago!!

What a great usage of old equipment, which I'm now able to use for shader development! Grin

I'm planning on contributing to the builds section but am testing out a few corner cases, before i start to nail everything down.

By now, macOS Catalina utilizes both GPUs very conveniently (with purge-wrangler) and bootcamp Windows 10 also works well together with and without the eGPU. Both OSs up-to-date, no downgrades, just notorious system backups Grin

There are just a few side steps of which I'm unsure about the current state of the art:

  1. I'd like to re-enable SIP, so I tried uninstalling purge-wrangler and incorporated efi automate-egpu. After booting with CMR+R, "csrutil enable" and rebooting both the igpu and egpu are working together, but all of a sudden the second monitor isn't detected, no matter to which gpu it is connected. Why is that? Does SIP filter out certain monitor brands / models? (it's an old lg 3d tv, so maybe that's too exotic for apple???)
  2. At the very first night of running bootcamp Windows (after finishing driver installation) I saw both graphics adapters in the device manager, NVidia Optimus was working and I already assumed it after working outa box would stay consistent. One round of rebooting macOS and Windows later things are now consitently different: Only one adapter is 'present' in device manager depending on egpu being plugged in at startup or not. The unused adapter is not even marked inactive or error 12, its just gone! Why is Intel HD 4000 no more showing up in device manager, when booted with egpu? Is it Memory allocation?
  3. I even reached out to nando and bought diy gpu setup (hoping it's memory related), but it somehow doesn't boot up and instead reports "Error 15:( File not found" when i select it in boot menu. When hitting 'c' and ertering 'ls' it gives "Error 21:( http://.../e/21) Selected disk does not exist". Google points to askubuntu regarding file systems of boot sticks. I know nothing about grub. Might be related to an extra ExFAT-Partition I partitioned beforehand (named 'Data' in following listing), everthing else is standard MBR bootcamp:

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2012 Mac Mini Server [3rd,4C,Q] + GTX 770 @ 10Gbps-TB1>TB3 (Sonnet Breakaway 550) + macOS 10.15.7 + Win10 (21H1)

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