Mac OS eGPU performance with dual displays
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Mac OS eGPU performance with dual displays  


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Does adding a 2nd display to your eGPU setup improve graphic performance in Mac OS?

Some posts on the internet and YouTube seem to suggest as much. 

Here's an example of what triggers them:

Geekbench Metal single display
Geekbench OpenCL single display
Geekbench Metal dual display
Geekbench OpenCL dual display


As you can see from my results, Mac OS Metal and OpenCL compute scores almost double with a 2nd display attached to my eGPU.

Ok. Sure... Geekbench is still Geekbench though.

And it's easy to determine if Geekbench's reported gains in eGPU performance are legitimate.

I ran the following (more reliable) benchmark tests with and without my 2nd display attached :

Basemark GPU Metal

GFXBench Metal

Indigo Render Benchmark Open CL

Blender 2.79b Cycles GPU render Open CL

Unigine Valley Benchmark Open GL

Not really a big spoiler here - I ran those benchmarks each way, and - no, the (alleged) performance gains shown by Geekbench are not reproduced in the other software. 

Sorry. 😏


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