Mac Pro (2013) eGPU potential realized with upgrade to 10.14  


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December 4, 2018 5:36 pm  

I bought an eGPU with hopes of giving my Mac Pro 6,1 some additional life until the 2019 modular Mac Pro arrive.  Mainly interested in Adobe apps including Premier and Media Encoder as well as RedCine-X Pro.  I had the eGPU up and running in 10.13.6 and my benchmarks suggested I should be able to get a solid performance boost from the Vega Frontier Edition I had installed.  However, performance with RedCine-X didn't seem to be affected and I had the feeling that the Adobe suite was underutilizing the power of the eGPU as well.  

The short of it is I uninstalled purge-wrangler on my system running 10.13.6, upgraded to 10.14 from 10.13.6 and reinstalled purge-wrangler.  Usually I would do a clean install, but was feeling impatient.  So took the risk and went from 10.13.6 to 10.14.1.  All went seamless.

Being able to force programs to use the eGPU seems to made all the difference and now the eGPU is doing its job and helping with playback of 8K footage.  I don't have any specific benchmarks for RedCine-X before and after, but seems to help the speed of playback considerably.  Can watch 1/4 resolution realtime and 1/2 resolution if I wait a little time for clip to buffer (even off of non-raided drives).  Transcoding in RedCineX-Pro is still heavily reliant on the CPU so not much gain on that side of things.  I suspect compressor and media encoder using Metal will see some performance gains as well.  

Mac Pro 2013 running 10.14.1 w/Purge-Wrangler allowing use of TB2 for eGPU, Sonnet Breakaway 550 with the upgraded PSU to 650W, Vega Frontier Edition.  

Benchmark Numbers:

Compute; Metal.  ~170000
CPU Benchmark; 64-bit.  Single-Core - 3957, Multi-Core - 25066


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December 4, 2018 8:03 pm  

@ricksmith Quick tip: purge-wrangler need not be uninstalled when updating macOS. When you update the system (this cleans any patches), you will receive a prompt after updating that patches have been disabled and need to be re-applied (which will run purge-wrangler in Terminal as needed).

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