Mac Pro 2013 + TB2> TB3 + Razer Core + G...

Mac Pro 2013 + TB2> TB3 + Razer Core + GTX 1080ti on 10.14  


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May 20, 2019 9:54 am  


I managed to get my MBP running Mac OS 10.14 to work with my eGpu but am struggling to do the same for my Mac Pro 6.1.

I've tried the purge-wrangler and purge-nvda scripts, have the latest nvidia web drivers and then boot using goalque's eGPU EFI (from a thumb drive) but can't seem to get it to recognise the card. This seemed to work for my other TB2 mac (even with older High sierra drivers) but not on the Mac Pro (2013). Wondering if I missed anything or if I have to downgrade to high sierra to get this to work.


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May 20, 2019 2:24 pm  
Posted by: Eightarmedpet

Nvidia cards will not work on Mojave, are you sure your MBP is on 10.14? Because unless I’ve missed something (possible) that isn’t possible.

It's definitely not possible. The only nVidia cards that run in 10.14 are Kepler cards and they are 5 years or older.

@hugovdd If you need your GTX 1080 Ti to work on MacOSX, you'll have to downgrade to High Sierra.

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