macbook air 11 in (early 2015) & razer core x chroma & gtx 970

macbook air 11 in (early 2015) & razer core x chroma & gtx 970  


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First of all, thank you to the egpu community for the vast information shared to help us newbs here. I was fortunate enough to buy a used razer core x chroma and gtx 970 for $200 total on craigslist and was able to set it up. I reviewed the trouble shooting thread and the gpu is showing on my external display when I click on about this mac and I also ran a geek bench for metal but the score seems kind of low. Does the screenshots below means this is working? I'm planning on trying to trade this gtx 970 for an amd card or install windows through bootcamp later but I just want to make sure this is working.

Again, thank you everyone for all this information! 😀


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2015 11” MacBook Air i7-5650U 8GB
Razer Core V2 + EVGA GTX 970