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MacBook Pro 2018 with Sonnet 350 - a nightmare

MacBook Pro 2018 with Sonnet 350 - a nightmare  


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I've read tons of forum posts but I still can't find a way to solve my problem.

Hardware specs:
I've purchased a Sonnet 350 EGPU with an AMD RX580 card. My Macbook PRO is 2018 version with 32 gb ram, i7 cpu.

My issue:
My Macbook doesn't detect the egpu. It only detects "charging" which is not really charging because the egpu can only give 17W to the macbook.
I have to reboot the macbook like 15 times, and insert / eject the thunderbolt 3 cable while macbook is booting in order to make it work.
It doesn't work most of the times, so everyday I arrive to the office I have to reboot my macbook like 10 times, I plug / unplug the TB3 cable in order to make it work

I've tried with the Thunderbolt 3 cable that was shipped in the Sonnet box - same issue
I've purchased a Thunderbolt 3 cable from Apple - same issue

What I think: is that the macbook detects the egpu as delivering insufficient power for charging and it disables completely the thunderbolt 3 port.

I've tried with:
case1: apple charger + plugging the Sonnet egpu
case2: plugging only the sonnet egu
case3: rebooting and pluggin only the sonnet egpu
case4: power off / power on the sonnet egpu while the tb3 cable is plugged

it works but completely random, and I don't find a solution to this, and it's soo frustrating

Thanks for your help

Pending: Add my system information and expected eGPU configuration to my signature to give context to my posts

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put your hardware specs in your signature so others can quickly view context of your posts. Which version of MacOS do you have? Can't remember if the 580 has native MacOS drivers ... but post which AMD driver version you are using for better context. You did not mention which TB3 ports you are using (used to be important.. not sure if it is anymore). Are you using any software from this site? Have you found others on this site with your same gear? For my eGPU (node lite gtx 1070 MBP 2016 10.13.6) I have the eGPU powered on first. Then I open my laptop and login. And then I plug in the TB3 cable to laptop. Sounds more like an issue with sonnet .... did you reach out to them?

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