Macbook Pro Late 2016 13 + Razer Core X + RX580 Perfomance issues
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Macbook Pro Late 2016 13 + Razer Core X + RX580 Perfomance issues  


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Hi there,


im really new into the egpu scene LoL

I bought a few days ago the Razer Core X to boost up my Macbook Pro Late 2016, so i can use my two 4k monitors. But i need to say, that i dont feel any perfomance improvements.

When i take a deeper look at the perfomance monitor, i saw that the iGPU is also rendering. Chrome, Firefox, Whatsapp etc is running on it. Is it possible to disable the iGPU?


Macbook Pro 2016 Late 13"
Enclosure: Razer Core X
GPU: RX 580
MacOS: 10.15.1


EDIT: It seems that sudo pmset -c gpuswitch 0 solves the problem, i think eveything is running on the egpu.

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@titomoskito Unless your MacBook Pro is in clamshell mode, the Intel iGPU would always be running to power the laptop internal display. It also handles the TouchBarServer task in my observation. With that said, as long as you have the two 4K monitors connected directly the eGPU the performance should be better.


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For what it’s worth, you can also set affinity for a specific GPU by going into the properties for a given application (command-I). After setting affinity, if that GPU isn’t available (like when the eGPU is disconnected), the app will just fall back to the integrated GPU, and will go back to the eGPU the next time it’s available. It’s a good method to ensure a particular app is (or isn’t) using a particular resource. 

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Did you encounter any other issues? I also have a 2016 MBP 13" and a RX580 lying around and I was thinking of getting a Razer core on sale these days.

I'm using the MBP with two 4k monitors but it gets slow with only 8GB and all the scaling it has to do.

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