MacBook temperatures with eGPU, any better?
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[Solved] MacBook temperatures with eGPU, any better?  


Francesco Ripa
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MacBook temperatures with eGPU, any better?


The main reason why I bought an external GPU is temperature. I never needed one on my desktop computers but now with a shared portable I’m in big troubles.

These are the temperatures I’m talking about:


Idle or Safari, iTunes, Mail



System Updates or Maintenance



Final Cut Pro or ffmpeg, Photoshop



I believe these temperatures are not suitable for internal parts, like CPU and iGPU. I know this because my 10 years old iMac it’s 1/2 the performance now with a far better system installed. I also tried with 2 140 mm fans below the MacBook Air with no luck.

Other reasons than that are of course performance boost, multiple monitors, devices compatibility, portability and price.


Update: with eGPU connected and heavy GPU apps running the difference is huge. Temperatures dropped with fan around 2200 rpm all the time.

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