MacMini + Blackmagic Pro = insomnia
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MacMini + Blackmagic Pro = insomnia  


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Hi guys,

I have Mac Mini 2018 running Catalina 10.15.6 with Blackmagic eGPU Pro and when eGPU is connected to Mac, Mac won't sleep. When I soft-disconnect the eGPU via Thunderbolt menu, it doesn't help. When I unplug the Thunderbolt cable, Mac properly goes to sleep after specified period of time so it is apparently related to eGPU. I can have eGPU headless with no devices attached to it and monitor attached to Mac, or I can have monitor attached to eGPU, it doesn't make a difference, it behaves the same way, blocks the sleep.

pmset -g does not show anything obvious, just occasional (sleep prevented by sharingd), which pops up even when eGPU is disconnected and Mac falls asleep successfully.

pmset -g assertions shows some Thunderbolt assertions, but I guess those are there always when Thunderbolt is attached:

Kernel Assertions: 0x24=USB,THNDR

   id=500  level=255 0x20=THNDR mod=12/09/2020, 08:59 description=NHI0 owner=AppleThunderboltHAL


It's kinda funny amidst the complaints about Macs won't waking up with eGPU. Well, my won't sleep :-). 

Just wondering if anyone experienced something similar and I'd particularly like to hear from guys with Blackmagic (Pro and non-Pro), whether their Macs sleep well with this eGPU attached.


Mac Mini 2018 + Blackmagic eGPU Pro