macOS mojave + Akitio Node + HIS rx590 kernel panic on boot
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macOS mojave + Akitio Node + HIS rx590 kernel panic on boot  


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I recently purchased a RX590 card from HIS (link) for my eGPU setup on 2012 Mac mini running 10.13.2 (High Sierra)

Not knowing there has been some compatibility issue with XFX card and Sapphire cards are recommended by Apple, I just bought the cheapest card available and now I am having issue booting up.

Every time I try booting with that card installed, kernel panic occurs. Purge-wrangler didn't help. Connecting to my MBP 2016 showed  notification "Cannot use Thunderbolt Accessory" — it was the Apple original cable from the MBP box.

So here's my question.

1. Judging from above information, should I conclude that the card has compatibility issue and return it?
2. Until now I've been using Corsair SFX 450 for my eGPU with GTX960 installed but since my PSU didn't have enough pin for RX590 I connected secondary PSU for RX590, could this be the source of the problem?(Yes I ordered 4pin molex to 6pin pci cable but it might take some time)
3. Some articles from this forum told me that RX590 came after the launch of Mojave and High Sierra might have some issues with the card, so I upgraded to Mojave but it didn't help solving the issue.
4. Is there any other troubleshooting I can go through?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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