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macOS 11 Big Sur  

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As of macOS 11.2 beta 2, my MacBook won't sleep when the lid is closed. Not even when unattached to the eGPU.

I tried a PRAM reset, but that resulted in an unbootable MacBook. After reinstalling the OS in recovery the lit closing again triggers the sleep function.

Then when I reupdated to 11.2 beta 2, the problem reoccurred. I checked, but when I manually put it to sleep and close the lid, openening it back up does wake the MacBook. 

Have you seen this issue? If so, do you have a solution?

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11.3 beta is out

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This is certainly very non-scientific, but I've had the 11.2 update installed since it was publicly released and haven't suffered a green screen lock-up yet. I've even tried to make it happen by doing things that usually Locke dit up (Multitasking with lots of documents and Safari windows and some other programs like Discord and maps running etc. Scrolling google pictures seemed to set it off something fierce for some reason). A problem I had with alarming frequency when I went from Catalina to 11.1 on a clean install.

So fingers crossed and knock on wood, at east for me 11.2 is stable. Gaming wise I don't detect any major regressions or anything either (Tomb Raider and X-Plane mostly. Yea, I know I'm cool). 

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@irakly_shanidze_1, I ran into this problem as well my recovery OS is Catalina your remedy seems logical. My issue is that I don't know exactly what files to copy to the "downloads" folder in order to create a startup/install disk you mentioned. I would appreciate direction as to where to copy from, to paste into "downloads" folder. I am currently running BigSur 11.2. Bottom line, I want to get Purge-Wrangler running my eGPU box. It was fine until I made the upgrade to BirSur. Thanks.


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Posted by: @lmnope1

@mac_editor is is possible to load purge wrangler via kernel extensions? Kext installation does not require SSV to be disabled.

I am seeking some way to keep filevault enabled (not disabling authenticated-root) and also install purge wrangler.


Edit - I installed the AMDLegacySupport and AutomateeGPU kexts using this tool, and my eGPU works! Did not have to disable authenticated-root, and my filevault is intact!


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hi, can  i have both kexts?

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