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macOS up to 11 Big Sur  

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One way I see out of this would be if Apple's new computers support more powerful dGPUs, which we could then use with the improved virtualization software to run Windows apps.


Imagine a MacBook Pro with a dGPU more powerful than a mobile RTX2080ti... the days of wimpy AMD dGPUs would be behind us!


One can always dream..


AMD are the best voice for low and mid range, they are booming the best high end choices, better at multitasking and Metal. Nvidia also is universally hated by other tech companies. Lastets generation MacBook Pro 16" have very good GPU considering their sizes!!

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I'm running out of seems I'm missing the last step, like seal again the volume or disable the seal check (I was thinking that SSV is disabled by authenticated-root....).


Try updating Preboot volume for your boot volume using:

diskutil apfs updatePreboot <TargetVolume>

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Just a general question: Has Apple updated the Radeon driver stack in Big Sur, and/or even between beta releases? Is there a way to check the versions?

I don't run Big Sur myself and wouldn't know how to check it if I did. But it'd be interesting to see wether or not Apple is providing stability and performance updates in this new release that are GPU driver specific and not the result of overall OS tweaking.

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Oaky,to upgrade to macOS 11 Big Sur,this is what I am trying to do on my Catalina recently,how do i get macos big sur dmg file?But failed to find anything on Apple's official website.

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Don't upgrade. It's beta software, not a finished product.

It's meant for testing on a 2nd or 3rd Mac - one you don't need to use.


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