MBP 2016 Sonnet + EVGA 1060 3Gb  


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July 20, 2018 7:20 pm  

Hey all, 

This is not a build guide yet. I have a couple of questions before I start writing the guide. 

I've use wrangler script to enable eGPU on my MBP. To be able to do that I've disabled SIP completely. 
Now, when I try to enable SIP using: csrutil enable --without kext

I have a black screen on external monitor BUT I see mouse cursor and I can move it. MBP sees the external screen but no picture (except cursor). 
How can I enable SIP properly?

Second question is how to unplug eGPU from my laptop? Is there a way to do that without kernel panic? 

Also, I plugged eGPU to the left TB3 closer to me, is it the best option?

What I have also found that iStat menus actually shows state of eGPU core and memory (sorry for Russian language on the screenshot). It doesn't show temp or numerical values tho. 

The performance is quite good, I like it a lot

I will highly appreciate your help 🙂

Pending: Add my system information and expected eGPU configuration to my signature to give context to my posts