MBP OSX 10.13.4 (public beta) - Nvidia Web Driver 104
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MBP OSX 10.13.4 (public beta) - Nvidia Web Driver 104  


Runólfur Geir Guðbjörnsson
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It seams that curiosity got the better of me when I installed the latest beta. I thought I was being cautious by making a Carbon Copy Clone of my drive prior to the install but I mistakenly forgot to make the drive booteble. So now I am stuck with this beta, witch isn't so bad if I could detect my Asus GTX 980 GPU. I followed an advice from insanlymac.com to roll back to Web driver version 104. And then put in my system build number in so the macbook will load the driver on boot.
All works well and the driver looks to be working fine. 
My eGPU is a Razer Core v2 with GTX980 and it is detected os should and all attached usb drives mount instantly.

But the GTX980 is not detected by the system. Any tips on how I can get it to detect it?

Here is a Dropbox link to 3 screenshots.:

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.