MBP15" 10.13.6 + EGPU GTX1080 Internal CPU Fan going Nuts and Burning Power until it dies  


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January 12, 2019 10:08 am  

My machine using purge-wrangler, purge-nvidia, just booting up starts hitting the main CPU fan at full throttle and burns the batter and power until it dies. I've shut down all the application, and turned off time machine. What is going on? And what logs can I provide here that shows anything to help debug this? I was able to get TF 1.5 working and starting doing some deep q learning, but given my machine wont' last past 8 hours, I'm a bit confused.

2012 MBP15" 10.13.6, Razer X Core, NVIDIA GTX 1080, (internal Intel HD 4000/Nvidia), Nvidia 387., Cuda 387.130, TF 1.5 AND 2017 MBP15” 10.13.6 Razer X Core, NVidia GTX and Nvidia GTX GeForce Titan Black (when it’s not misbehaving).