MBP2014 13"+Gigabyte Gaming Box RX580. Issues with apps

MBP2014 13"+Gigabyte Gaming Box RX580. Issues with apps  


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Hey! I'm using this eGPU with MBP and have some issues with Android Studio. If i starting Studio with eGPU connected, i have freezes in file editor when trying to CTRL+Space, for example. If i'll disconnect eGPU and start Studio with iGPU, and after will connect eGPU, all working OK (Studio using iGPU in this case)

So, here is the questions:

  1. Is it possible to fix this freezes?

  2. Any way to force start problem apps with iGPU while eGPU connected (macOS)?

Thank you!

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MBP 13" 2014 macOS 10.14.2&W10(1511), Gigabyte Gaming Box RX580
MBP 15" 2015 Iris Pro macOS 10.14.2&W10(1809), Gigabyte Gaming Box RX580

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@ivanosh Developer needs to resolve the issue. On High Sierra it was possible to not prefer eGPU but I don't think it can be done on Mojave. Alternative to try could be to launch app on iGPU-accelerated display (such as internal display).

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