MBP2017 10.13.6 w-1080 AND Black?
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MBP2017 10.13.6 w-1080 AND Black?  


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Bringing up the system fresh I was successful in seeing both RazerX Nvidia cards with deviceQuery, but after purge-wrangler and Ben’s script, my system really doesn’t like being connected to both eGPU boxes? Anyone see the same issues? And it’s for machine learning.

2012 MBP15" 10.13.6, Razer X Core, NVIDIA GTX 1080, (internal Intel HD 4000/Nvidia), Nvidia 387., Cuda 387.130, TF 1.5 AND 2017 MBP15” 10.13.6 Razer X Core, NVidia GTX and Nvidia GTX GeForce Titan Black (when it’s not misbehaving).